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joanie15 started this conversation
I am a mentally disabled mom who was once college educated and working but now having a very hard time just surviving while waiting for disability decision. I need a little help about 500 or 600 dollars just to get caught up. I am even willing to sign a promise to pay note if required. I have an 11 yr old little angel that deserves so much better....
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Hi joanie15, you sound like an amazing women of God, I love how you stood up for yourself and what's right, you are so right Jesus did the most amazing and miraceles thing ever for us, don't let the devil bring u down through those guys bothering you, I can tell you have great faith and always hold on to that because it is a beautiful thing. Were you still wanting to help a small family? I have to young children my daughter which will be 8 on December 29 and my son is 3, wonderful children of God. If so just let me know, I've been trying to find some help and haven't heard back from anyone or anywhere yet. They would be so grateful as would I also. I don't want to put all my problems on here which I already put most if you go back and look at my post but do to several circumstances going on right now I am unable to pay my rent, I've put down $100 on it but still owe $300. I know the Lord will provide, he always does right on time. I'm also asking for everyone's prayers, you can never have to many. But I want to say God Bless you and you are in my prayers as well.
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LifeIsHardNoMatterHowMuchItry   in reply to joanie15
I'm in the same boat as you, my landlord gave up their house because they got divorced and now I have to move out of the house by Nov. 15th and do not have a full deposit for the new place =(
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I want to thank God and St Jude for all the blessings they continue to bestow upon me ...a week ago I did not know what I was going to do and I again put it all in God's hands and was willing to accept what ever His Will was for me and here I am today with all problems solved better than I could have imagined ...Please Trust in the Lord with all your heart and His Will for you WIll Be Done!!
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I am being evicted on Nov 1 so I am assuming I will have to be out of my home within two weeks or sooner...please I need help
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